We’ve all seen someone do it and we may even be guilty of it. So, should it be illegal to cross a crosswalk while staring at your phone? Honolulu has approved a law that allows police to fine anyone who is crossing at a crosswalk and looking at their phone! Should this be a standard law, world-wide?

“The law goes into effect October 25, giving police time to explain the situation to people who can’t take their eyes off that tiny screen in their hands…Police will have to actually observe somebody looking at their device to make an arrest. Fines will be $15 to $35 for the first offense, $35 to $75 for the second, and $75 to $99 for the third. It will still be legal to talk on your phone while crossing a street, or to look at your phone on the sidewalk.”

Read all about the new Honolulu law HERE

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