The Whistler Skate Park was hit with a fresh mural this morning thanks to talented artists, Kups and Alex. The two grew up together in Maple Ridge but have not painted together in over 4 years. Kups, who is a well-known artist in the corridor has called Whistler “home” for the last 7 years, while Alex took a break from being a tattoo artist for the day and brought his paint cans up from the Lower Mainland.  After a true “Whistlerite” morning of jumping in cold lakes and riding bikes, the two buckled down to create their masterpiece.


You may recognize this face as he just headlined Pemberton Music Festival last summer. It’s the D-O Double G, Snoop Dogg. Kups explained why the “Drop it like it’s Hot” rapper was chosen.

“He’s a super recognizable, funny dude and I think a lot of people like him and respect him. He’s well received in a lot of crowds” “When I first moved up here 7 years ago I put Snoop Dogg in the skate park as one of my first ones. It is long forgotten, but now back.”


Kups is the talent behind the portrait of Snoop Dogg and Alex the graffiti along side Snoop. “We did G’s Up. G’s on one side, up on the other side. I did that in a blue scale, and Kups did Snoop in a grey scale.” Says Alex Rousey. “Then I got a stencil of a bandanna print that I did inside the letters. So that worked around the whole thing with a nice, yellow crisp outline along the edges.”


Take a listen to my full interview with Kups and Alex.

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