The BC Mountaineering Club wants to see access changes for the Singing Pass Trail in Whistler.

Paul Kubik, Cabin & Trails Director with the club says they want Garibaldi Park access via Whistler-Blackcomb restored, as well as a safe road in to the area.

The challenging environment from Whistler up to the Singing Pass Trail means the current road is not ideal and has been fraught with deterioration. The group also wants to create a parking lot by the Innergex power plant, and obtain permission to use a preexisting road that leads to the power plant.

The BC Mountaineering Club says the Spearhead huts that are being built will also increase use of the region, and mean people will want to park near the Garibaldi Park boundary.

Kubik says costs are estimated to be around $250,000 for a parking lot that includes toilets and garbage facilities, footbridge across Fitzsimmons Creek, as well as upgraded road infrastructure which they would like to see in place by 2019; “people are going to be wanting to park near the boundary in order to minimize the amount of, you know, time spent on logging roads, and you have to remember, people are going to be going there with families and children, so, seniors will want to go there.”

Other proposals suggested by the mountain club include municipal bus service, bike locking facilities at he trail head, maintenance and patrolling of the parking lot by a facility operator and improved signage from Highway 99 among other suggestions.

The group has also said additional options that could be considered includes paid parking, along with snow removal on the access road and changes to the trail itself in order to make creek crossings safer.


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