The organisation that distributes hundreds of food and toy hampers each Christmas season in Squamish might not be able to host their event this year.

The warehouse that Community Christmas Care (CCC) has used for the past three years is no longer available and realtors are also saying there is very little space available elsewhere. CCC needs a warehouse from November 1st to December 16th to prepare the hampers ahead of distribution to the community.

Community Christmas Care Director, Darcy Reimer says that usually on November 1st they start their bulk purchasing and start gathering food and toy donations. On December 12th the hampers then get assembled. Last year 400 hampers where given to those in need in Squamish. “There are families and individuals in the community that are depending on this” says Reimer.

The organisation might have to take a break from their annual event this year if they can’t find space. Reimer says he doesn’t see any other option; “…or we definitely have to go back to the drawing board and think out of the box and maybe come up with a new plan and new solution”. He says they can make the donation of space a tax donation so that it is “a win-win”.

CCC has their targets set on the Red Apple location in downtown Squamish that is vacant and also has ample parking. Schools are also another option they are considering, but have yet to reach out to the school district.

Reimer says the ultimate dream would be to have a permanent home they could use; “then you could run youth programs out of that facility the rest of the year, and you’ve now got a covered space to get kids out of the rain. You’ve got [an] indoor skate facility, you’ve got all kinds of stuff that you can do portable through the rest of the year”.

The organisation is thankful for the community that steps up year after year. “This is a community event, this isn’t just my passion, this is our passion” says Reimer.

For information on Community Christmas Care, or to contact the organization to help provide a facility for assembling hampers click here. You can hear the full Mountain Mornings interview with Darcy Reimer here.


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