Whistlerites will head to the polls on October 28th to vote in a new Council member.

The by-election will elect one Councillor to serve the remainder of the 2014-18 term, with seven candidates vying for the public vote.

Candidates who threw their hat into the ring include; Steve Andrews, Kalee Eder, Cathy Jewett, Janice Lloyd, Alon Rimon, Kate Roddick and Dawn Titus.

General voting takes place on Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm at the Whistler Conference Centre – Lower Level. 385 ballots were cast in advance polls, slightly more than the 2014 general local election where 379 votes where cast in polls ahead of voting day.

The next general local election will take place October 20th, 2018. More details about voting can be found here.


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