Kelly Clarkson released her new album this past weekend called Meaning Of Life.  The new album has a lot of big melodies and a new sound for Kelly that’s has more of an old-school soul vibe.  With gems like the soulful sounding Love So Soft and  90’s era blend in her song Medicine, this album accentuates Kelly Clarkson’s powerful voice.  Weeks leading up to her album’s big debut, Kelly got Up Close & Personal with us in the CHFI theatre.  She opened up about how her personal life impacts the way she writes music, growing up in the south, and her new album, Meaning Of Life.  Everyone was charmed by her down to earth personality and loved hearing stories about her family!  Watch Darren & Mo’s full interview with Kelly below, plus check out these pictures of the exclusive event and the lucky winners who got to meet her!

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