Organizers of the Sp’akw’us 50 mountain bike race in Squamish have announced a series of events have been added to next year’s schedule, as well as a major project to improve trails in the region.

Participants will be able to take part in the original Sp’akw’us 50 on June 16th 2018, but will also have a chance at taking part in the Sp’akw’us 35, a shorter version of the flagship event, to be held on June 17th 2018. For riders who want a bigger challenge, a two-day stage race will be offered – comprised of both the Sp’akw’us races.

The group also plans to build a new trail connector bridge over Mashiter Creek. The “Sp’akw’us Bridge” would link the two riding zones of Alice Lake Provincial Park and Diamond Head. Currently three different designs are on the table with high construction estimates ranging in the $70,000 region. Funding for the project has already begun with the BC Bike Race being announced as the first partner to collaborate on sourcing capital, material and logistics. The bridge crossing would be located near the bottom of “Tracks from Hell” and “Cliff’s Corners” and organizers say it would provide recreational access in addition to improved course options.

Dwayne Kress, Executive Director of the Squamish Mountain Bike Festival Society says they are also hoping to bid for a World Cup race; “This is a world renowned riding area, and I think this is definitely a destination that people come specifically too ride, not necessarily heading past Squamish, but I think the time could be right for a World Cup mountain bike race course in Squamish, but of course we need some infrastructure improvement”. District of Squamish Mayor, Patricia Heintzman says they; “look forward to working with him [Kress] on his five-year vision”.

The Sp’akw’us organizing committee has set a five-year goal to host the events with an eventual bid for a World Cup Mountain Bike Race in 2022. The “Sp’akw’us Bridge” and associated access trails are due to be built this winter, with completion in time for the 2018 races.


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