District and Provincial authorities are reacting to contain a diesel spill in Downtown Squamish this week.

In a statement the District of Squamish say they first received reports from residents on Wednesday afternoon with additional reports throughout Wednesday night about the incident. The source of the spill is thought to be an underground tank located on Main Street and Cleveland Avenue and is believed to be a remnant of old industry on the property.

The Province has stationed a Ministry of Environment representative at the site to respond to the spill. The District of Squamish believes the diesel is travelling through the storm sewer system to the storm water pond at Third Street and Main Street, where it is being contained, and prevented from entering the estuary.

District Operations staff are monitoring water levels of the pond and if required will pump water out to keep it at a safe level. Pumping from the bottom of the pond would reduce the chance of contaminants entering the estuary.

There is currently no risk to public safety, but the District says they remain vigilant.


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