Squamish Fire Rescue recently donated used gear to world-wide non profit Firefighters Without Boarders, an organisation that collects gear that is no longer used in western countries and distributes it to developing countries that need it most.

Squamish Fire Chief Bill Stoner says the department and the District of Squamish is a long time supporter of Fire Fighters Without Boarders and says their donations this year will go to Manila in the Philippines and Maxico’s Baja Peninsula.

Chief Stoner says it costs them nothing, because the gear is old, but for those receiving the donations it’s priceless; “We donated a lot of hose this year, and some of that hose is older than many of the members of our fire department. It still works, it’s still very good for the departments that are getting it but it doesn’t meet our performances standards, and so for them its a real blessing. Many of these departments have next to nothing, to get some old hose is a real bonus for them.”

Firefighters Without Boarders begun following 9/11, after a crew of firefighters in Mississauga, Ontario wanted to commemorate the victims of the tragedy. During their recent stop in Squamish to collect donations the charity also picked up donations from the former Woodfibre Pulp Mill and between the two locations collected cylinders, hoses, gloves, helmets, pants and more.


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