District of Squamish crews are continuing clean-up efforts following a snow storm that hit the region just days after Christmas.

Squamish saw 48 cm of snow on the ground by December 30th according to Environment Canada’s weather station at the Squamish Airport.

District staff will be focused on safe routes to school, before children return to schools on January 8th. Which includes conducting drainage work and widening out embankments in some areas. As well as missed roads, District sidewalks, bus stops and fire hydrants among others areas. Work will continue day and night throughout the week.

The District of Squamish has thanked residents who helped lend a hand and are asking for patience during clean-up. 19 District employees are utilizing a range of equipment to cope with the snowfall including three heavy duty trucks, two tractors, a back hoe, loader and grader among others. A contractor with seven workers has also been brought in to clean-up Downtown at night using a loader, grader and give dump trucks.

So far only one public complaint has been received by Squamish’s Bylaw Department, but Bylaw Officers have issued 6 tickets in relation to snow infractions while on patrol in the community.

There are currently no temporary parking restrictions, but residents are asked to obey all parking signage and remove vehicles from roads if possible to allow plows to pass through.




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