The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure plans to review the police report into the circumstances leading to a fatal collision that occurred on the Sea to Sky highway on January 2nd.

Two people were killed and multiple people injured when a pick-up truck crossed the centre line and hit a minivan at the Cheekeye River Bridge, north of Squamish. The minivan was carrying Squamish residents who were returning from work in Whistler.

The Ministry told Mountain FM that they will address safety improvements at the location as necessary. Improvements could include adding a median barrier or other safety measures where the collision occured. Although the Ministry does say that generally, the location of a centre barrier is determined through a variety of factors, including: traffic volumes, posted speed limit, frequency of accesses and collision history.

Residents have renewed calls to make the highway safer as serious collisions continue to occur, especially in the winter months. Squamish teenager Gagan Chagger, who was personally affected by the January 2nd collision has started a petition calling for median barriers to be installed throughout the highway between Squamish and Whistler. Concrete barriers already exist for much of the highway between Squamish and West Vancouver, and were recently installed in Lions Bay, another portion of the highway that was notorious for collisions. You can find a link to Chagger’s petition by clicking here.


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