Squamish Mayor Patricia Henitzman says it is unlikely any kind of bridge will be built across the Squamish river to allow back-country enthusiasts easy access to Tantalus Provincial Park, and the area west of downtown.

The idea of building a new crossing was brought to council’s attention for inclusion in the new 2040 Official Community Plan (OCP) by the Squamish Access Society. Mayor Henitzman says that since the idea was brought up they have heard loud and clear from the public that this is not something the community wants.

The Mayor said that had she picked up on the idea before the OCP went to first reading in council she would have suggested the idea be taken out. Henitzman says we need to keep some of the areas more remote, pristine and quieter.

“There’s the eagles provincial park, we can’t have people walking over there. It will decimate that amazing phenomenon” says Heintzman. “I think what we’ve heard loud and clear from the community is we’re not interested in any kind of crossing to the west side of the river.”

The public can currently weigh in on the 2040 OCP, as it is in between first and second readings. More information can be found here.


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