Whether you’re thinking about weekend brunch or the ultimate breakfast-for-dinner treat (it is Pancake Tuesday today!), who doesn’t love a towering stack of pancakes dripping with maple syrup? From fluffy buttermilk pancakes to cinnamon-pumpkin cakes or protein-packed whole-wheat rounds, the real question is, which ones are you going to make?

(Photo: John Cullen/Chatelaine)

Ricotta-oat-bran pancakes with maple-raspberry sauce

These pancakes are packed with protein and nutritious oat bran. To top it off, drizzle with sweet raspberry sauce. Get Chatelaine’s ricotta-oat-bran pancake with maple-raspberry sauce recipe.

(Photo: Roberto Cruso/Chatelaine)

Easiest pancakes

Nothing says the weekend like a stack of fluffy pancakes! And our all-purpose homemade baking mix speeds up the prep time, taking breakfast from stovetop to tabletop in a flash. Get Chatelaine’s easiest pancake recipe.

Cinnamon-pumpkin pancakes

Get your pumpkin fix any time of the year! These pancakes are light, fluffy and quick to make. Serve with warm cinnamon-spiked maple syrup. Get Chatelaine’s cinnamon-pumpkin pancake recipe.

Buttermilk pancakes

All out of buttermilk? Mix two tbsp lemon juice into two cups milk and let stand for 10 minutes. You can reduce or omit the sugar in this recipe if desired. Get Chatelaine’s buttermilk pancake recipe.

Protein-packed whole wheat pancakes

The secret? Cottage cheese. It adds lightness and protein to these low-sugar, whole wheat pancakes. Get Chatelaine’s protein-packed whole wheat pancake recipe.