Whistler Fire Rescue is reminding the public to FireSmart their properties. The call comes following a residential fire in the community on February 9th.

Acting Deputy Chief David Rushbrook says twenty six firefighters attended the house fire that occurred shortly before noon on Panarama Ridge in Whistler. Crews spent over five hours tackling the blaze.

Rushbrook says no one inside the residence was injured and social services assisted nine people that were displaced. However one firefighter suffered minor injuries but has since returned to work.

The Acting Fire Chief says the fire was substantial and believes the house is likely a write-off due to the damage. He is thankful the fire occurred in the winter months; “the home was built right in the forest, and had it been the summer time we would have been dealing with a substantial forest fire, and potentially getting into other residences potentially, as well”.

The fire department is taking the opportunity to promote the FireSmart program, a joint initiative between themselves, the municipality and province. The program’s goal is to help reduce the potential spread of a wildfire by making your property FireSmart. Whistler Fire Rescue will come to your residence and provide an assessment, which will give you an indication of how well your house would do in the event a forest fire was headed towards it.

You can find information on how to FireSmart your home here.

The investigation into Friday’s fire continues.


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