The Sea to Sky highway has claimed another life. RCMP have confirmed that one person died in a collision on February 23rd at the Culliton Creek Bridge, approximately 25 kilometres north of Squamish.

Constable Mike Halskov with BC RCMP Traffic Services says at approximately 4 pm a vehicle with 4 occupants travelling southbound lost control in poor road conditions and went into oncoming traffic. The vehicle was subsequently hit by two northbound vehicles, and as a result one of the passengers in the southbound vehicle was killed. Another passenger in the same vehicle was taken to hospital for non life threatening injuries.

The occupants of the southbound vehicle were not from the area and it is believed the passenger that passed away was a student, although police wont release any further details.

Halskov says police did investigate the type of tires fitted to the vehicle; “it was found that the vehicle was appropriately equipped, however we may have a situation here where somebody was unfamiliar with driving in these kind of conditions, and it… just got away on them”.

Variable speed signs had been adjusted from the standard 100 km/h and decreased prior to the collision. Halskov says the weather was severe with heavy snowfall and icy patches.

Sea to Sky Traffic Services, the Integrated Collision Analysis & Reconstruction Service and the BC Coroners Service are continuing to investigate. The highway was closed for approximately 6 hours while an on site investigation took place.

The highway has now claimed 4 lives in 2018, all between Squamish and Whistler. Two incidents involving vehicles crossing the centre line, while one incident saw a pedestrian struck on the road.


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