A Squamish local was bitten by a dog recently on Cleveland Avenue in Squamish.

In a posting on Facebook Amanda Jessup says her boyfriend was “attacked” on March 12th while downtown. The dog is said to have been tied up outside a business, hiding behind a planter without an owner nearby.

The man who was bitten attended a walk-in clinic and was given antibiotics to prevent infection according to Jessup, who said the dog’s breed is an Australian Cattle Dog, often known as a blue heeler.

Animal Control was called to the incident, and the District’s Bylaw and Animal Control Manager Rick Farina says an investigation is ongoing, and that the owner of the dog is cooperating.

Farina says tethering a dog in public creates an increased risk for biting and aggression when approached; “This incident serves as an important reminder that dog behaviour can be unpredictable, and that it is the role of the dog owner to take responsibility for their dogs while in public.”

The District of Squamish defines a dangerous dog as;

  1. A dog which has killed or seriously injured a person or animal;
  2. A dog which has a known propensity, tendency or disposition to attack animals or humans without provocation;
  3. A dog which has bitten, attacked or aggressively pursued a person or animal without provocation;
  4. A dog, which has been trained for or is owned for the purpose of dog fighting.

Failing to take responsibility for your dog may ultimately result in a dog being labelled as dangerous, “an unfortunate outcome for a dog who is acting within its nature” says Farina.

Squamish currently has three dangerous dogs, which have to adhere to restrictions placed on them by the District.


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