Squamish RCMP along with Squamish Fire Rescue are issuing a warning regarding the use of accelerants on fires.

In a press release police say in the last week RCMP, Squamish Fire Rescue and the BC Ambulance Service attended three separate incidents of accelerants used on fires which resulted in over half a dozen injuries, one incident even left one man in critical condition.

The first incident occurred on March 4th where gasoline was poured onto a bonfire in Brackendale. Three people were injured. The next two calls were received on March 16th. The first on Lewis Drive where two people were seriously injured, one of whom remains in critical condition. It is believed paint thinner, was poured on an open fire causing the container to burst into flames. The second was a campfire at a park in Brackendale where a girl suffered extensive burns after an accelerant was poured on the fire, again igniting the container, and spreading the flames.

All incidents are being investigated and those who are responsible may be facing criminal charges says Corporal Sascha Banks with Squamish RCMP; “We are extremely concerned about the number of incidents reported and educating the public on fire safety is paramount to prevent further injuries”.

The fire department is working alongside police for prevention and education on the issue. Fire Chief Bill Stoner says that pouring flammable liquids on fires may seem like an inconsequential event, but “this action can create extreme fire conditions which may cause excruciating burns and possible disfigurement. The consequences could stay with a person for life; it’s not worth the risk”.

If you have questions regarding fire safety contact Squamish Fire Rescue at sfr@squamish.ca or call 604-898-9666.

Anyone with information regarding the investigation should contact the Squamish RCMP at 604-892-6100 or anonymously, via Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS, text 274637, or go to www.SolveCrime.ca.


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