Have you ever noticed the inside lining of your disposable Starbucks cup? It’s plastic and not recyclable!

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Two young girls from Calgary noticed!

Eve Helman and Mya Chau, Grade 6 students from Terrace Road School in Calgary, started a petition for #BetterCups in hopes for more sustainable and environmentally-friendly cups for the coffee giant. They have received over 300,000 signatures in support.

The girls attended the company’s shareholder meeting in Seattle yesterday, discussing their #BetterCups project with Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson.

Eve Helman (left) and Mya Chau meet Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson in Seattle.

(Photo: Julie Byrnes)

Starbucks stated on its website that the company is now looking to launch the NextGen Cup Challenge.

The NextGen Cup Challenge will award accelerator grants to entrepreneurs working to develop a more sustainable cup!

The girls posted an update after he meeting saying that “Starbucks announced a $10-million initiative to develop recyclable, compostable cups over the next three years — this is such good news! We’re so excited to see Starbucks taking this important step.”

Way to go girls!

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