A new bedside food service model rolled out at select hospitals, including Sechelt Hospital and Squamish General Hospital has seen positive reaction according to the food provider.

The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCH) and Providence Health Care (PHC), in partnership with food service provider Sodexo are using a new way that patient food is sourced, prepared and served. The new model that has now been in place for over a year sees dedicated service attendants review menu items with patients, answer questions, take orders and hand-deliver each of the day’s meals. Patients are also able choose diet appropriate meals from four core menus that include Asian, Western, Summer and Winter.

“We’re also trying to focus on local food as well, 23% of the food that we purchase is sourced or grown in British Columbia” says Ria Stone, Sodexo District Manager with VCH. According to a news release, satisfaction survey scores have increased to an average of 95% in 2017, and food waste has dropped. The company is also working with the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program to source sustainable sea food, as well as sourcing cage free eggs.

VCH Public Affairs Officer, Carrie Stefanson says they work closely with Sodexo to ensure the menus follow recommendations from Canada’s Food Guide. She highlights that menu items are cooked on site by trained cooks using fresh ingredients sourced from safe and ethical food suppliers. Stefanson says the collaboration with the food provider is going very well.


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