A round the world tour is about to kick-off for a team of Whistler locals whose aim is to share their business success stories with budding entrepreneurs, and inspire change in a series of free talks, while also attempting to break a world record.

The EPIC (Empowering People Inspiring Change) Tour will see a three person team that includes two Whistlerites set off on May 1st and return 84 days later. En route they will visit over 40 countries and pass five different continents all via helicopter.

Reuben Diaz one of the pilots on the team says they will be the first Canadian team to travel to two opposite points in the world, known as anti-poles via helicopter. Diaz says they also want to beat the current world record for travelling to anti-poles; “We’re going around the world, touching those two points which [is] going to be mid-Columbia and also mid-Indonesia. They’re exactly two opposites”.

The team will make stops along the way to give talks at universities and schools about entrepreneurship and health. Diaz says they want to empower people to engage in something difficult that is meaningful, and inspire change in people’s health and habits so they can excel at what they do.

You can track the group’s progress via blogs and live streams on social media and via their website EpicWorldTour.com.


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