The Province cannot say how long temporary no parking barriers along the Sea to Sky Highway will remain in place.

Recently temporary barriers were installed at various pull-outs between Squamish and Vancouver to deter drivers from parking illegally.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) says the safety of the travelling public is their top priority, and that staff have noticed an influx of vehicles parked on highway shoulders for prolonged periods of time.

In a statement to Mountain FM the Ministry says that in an effort to improve safety, barriers have been placed at pullouts “where drivers were commonly making unsafe and illegal movements”. The agency says that barriers direct drivers to the correct entrance and will reduce the potential for crashes. Although the MOTI could not give a timeline as to how long the temporary barriers would be in place.

The Ministry says that shoulder pullouts are intended for drivers to use in an emergency “so they can pull over safely and then re-enter the highway when it is safe to do so”. Parking is not permitted on the Sea to Sky highway except for emergency purposes. Illegally parked vehicles may also be removed.

The highway regularly sees an influx of vehicles parked at pull-outs and off the road during weekends as day visitors explore trails in the region. An area of concern between Squamish and Vancouver to many locals is Tunnel Point, where pedestrians often park at the rest area, and cross the road on a corner to access trail heads.

The Ministry says that at Tunnel Point there are signs indicating pedestrians are not allowed on the highway, due to the 90 km/h speed limit, as well as the fact that there are curves and no formal pedestrian crossings on this section. Drivers and pedestrians are asked to obey all posted signs for everyone’s safety.


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