New e-bikes are on the way for Squamish Search and Rescue (SAR).

The battery assisted bikes are the latest trend for Search and Rescue teams across the Province. Whistler’s team already has two and Squamish will soon be taking delivery of four Kona Remote’s.

John Willcox a Squamish SAR Manager says their calls for assistance range considering the activities that take place in Squamish, but that rescues on mountain bike trails will likely increase given the popularity. He says the bikes will allow their team to get to patients quickly and still have energy to carry someone out if needed.

“We’re very excited to get these bikes and do some training on them, you know load them up with the different kind of first aid and rescue equipment that we may want to have at a patient’s side and see how well they work.” says Willcox.

The team chose Kona Remote’s because they have a “good solid rack and panniers” according to Willcox that will also allow them to transport equipment quickly.

The SAR Manager acknowledges that there is some controversy about e-bikes being on single track trails but says other Search and Rescue teams have found them a great asset in getting to a subject’s side.

The team was able to purchase the bikes using funding they already had from the government.


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