Greyhound Canada has announced a large downsize of it’s Canadaian operations with route cuts across western Canada.

Senior Vice President Stuart Kendrick says that despite their best efforts over several years, “ridership has dropped by 41% across the country since 2010 within a changing and increasingly challenging transportation environment”. Kendrick says they understand that the route changed will be difficult for their customers.

According to a release by the company the ‘regrettable decision’ is due to a challenging transportation environment that is ‘characterized by declining ridership in rural communities; increased competition from subsidized national and inter-regional passenger transportation services; the new entry of ultra-low-cost carriers; regulatory constraints, and increased car travel’.

Earlier this year Greyhound Canada announced reduced frequency on it’s Vancouver to Whistler route and also disconnected it’s service to Mount Currie.

As of October 31st 2018 all routes in British Columbia will be discontinued, apart from the Vancouver to Seattle service, which is operated by Greyhound Lines USA and Boltbus. All routes in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba will be axed.

For the time being, the company’s operations will remain business as usual until the end of October.


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