Canadian National Railway (CN) crews are responding to the scene of a derailment about 25 km north of Pemberton in Gates Lake near Birken.

Spokeswoman Kate Fenske says in a statement that the incident occurred at 4:15 pm on Wednesday July 11th and that there are no reports of injuries.

Photos from Birken resident Owen Laukkanen show two train cars in the lake (one fully, one partially) while several others have come off the tracks.

Photo: Owen Laukkanen

Photo: Owen Laukkanen

CN says that the eleven box cars involved are carrying wood pulp and that no dangerous goods were on board the southbound train. The company says there is no danger to the public or the environment. Crews and equipment began arriving on Wednesday night to start the clean up process, however there is no timeline for how long clean-up may take.

The circumstances surrounding the incident are now under investigation.

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