A convenience store chain with locations in Squamish has agreed to remove firewood from its shelves following the fire ban that went into effect on July 18th.

7-Eleven has two locations in Squamish, both of which will temporarily no longer offer firewood to customers due to the ban. The locations faced an online backlash last summer as they continued to sell firewood despite the ban and concerns of forest fires.

In a statement to Mountain FM, 7-Eleven Canada says that ‘the risk of fire is an important public safety issue’, and that they will ‘pause firewood sales at our two Squamish locations during the campfire ban’.

Local residents had begun to question this week on social media if the locations would again be selling firewood once a ban was introduced. Many stores in the community do not offer firewood for sale once the ban begins, as it cannot be used in the Coastal Fire Centre region which includes the Sea to Sky Corridor, Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island among others.


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