The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) says an adult bear was destroyed in the community on August 11th after it accessed non-natural food sources close to people.

The bear was destroyed in Rainbow Park on August 11th after climbing on a picnic table occupied by a family, and eating their dinner. In a statement the RMOW says the bear had been tagged, indicating previous conflict history, and had been frequenting Meadow Park and the surrounding area for the last week accessing non-natural food in close proximity to people. A wildlife alert was issued by the municipality on August 7th, and “bear in area” signs were posted in the park.

The RMOW says the Conservation Officer Service (COS) treated the situation as high priority and monitored the park throughout the week. Officers hazed the bear out of the area on August 9th using non-lethal deterrents in an attempt to move the bear back into the forest to more suitable habitat.

On August 11th the bear’s behaviour at the park triggered the COS’ decision to destroy it, as it was a level of habituation that constitutes a public safety hazard.

The public is reminded to report all bear sightings in residential areas 24/7 by calling 1-877-952-7277. Calling the COS when you first see a bear in your neighbourhood or yard gives officers more options to manage the bear, and educate the public in the area. You should never approach or feed a bear, and always manage garbage, recycling and other attractants so bears cannot access them, at home or in your vehicle.

You can find more information on bear safety here.


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