The Squamish Nation Training and Trades Centre in North Vancouver has re-opened with a major expansion and renovation.

The changes mean a 50% increase in floor space to 12,000 square feet which doubles the number of classrooms from two to four and adds a third general construction workshop to the existing plumbing and carpentry shops.

The expansion is thanks to a $1 million capital contribution from Western Economic Diversification Canada over the past year.

“We are seeing the positive impact our training centre is having on youth and older Squamish Nation members from age 17 to 70, who have participated in training,” says Squamish Nation Council Co-Chair Joshua Joseph “The training for our people leads to meaningful jobs that strengthen our community.”

In 2017/18 the centre ran 13 programs with 200 students. Approximately 120 students got jobs as a result, or returned to school for further education.

The facility is located at 1500 Railway St, North Vancouver, and was established in 2004 to provide quality training and trades programs to Squamish Nation Members and all Indigenous individuals, including Status, Non-Status, Métis, and Inuit.


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