The Sea to Sky highway will now be maintained by a single highway contractor.

The Provincial government recently put out requests for proposals for multiple highway contracts throughout B.C. as previous contracts came to an end.

After servicing Howe Sound for the past 15 years, Mainroad Contracting will no longer maintain the Sea to Sky highway from Function Junction to the Duffey Lake summit as of the end of the Month.

From November 1st Miller Capilano will take over the contract for a 10 year term with an optional 5 year extension, and now service the entire corridor.

The new contract will also see higher standards and quicker responses to stalled vehicles on the Lions Gate and Ironworkers’ Memorial bridges which are included in the service area.

The government has also announced changes to how highways are maintained. Class A highways will have to be returned to bare pavement within 24 hours of a winter weather event at temperatures of -9 degrees or warmer – the previous standard was 48 hours. In addition, when a weather event is forecast, highway patrols will also increase to every 4 hours instead of every 24. Patrols will also be increased to every 90 minutes during a winter storm, previously the standard was 4 hours.


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