CN Rail is to begin enforcing parking restrictions on their property along Government Road in Squamish in the New Year.

In letters to nearby residents the company says visitors and residents have been using land adjacent to the tracks to park for years, but that while it provides convenience to people, it does pose a serious safety hazard to those parking in the area, given the close proximity to an active railway corridor.

The letters also sight concerns raised by residents as a cause of the action. The company says that signage and barriers will be installed in an effort to eliminate unauthorized parking, and that as of February 1st 2019 vehicles remaining will be towed at the owner’s expense. CN notes that alternative street parking is available on side streets within the community.

The District of Squamish says that parking should adhere to the traffic bylaw which says vehicles cannot be parked for a continuous period that exceeds 72 hours. In addition, a person must not park a trailer, camper, boat or other vehicle unless it is affixed to a vehicle.


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