The Conservation Officer Service (COS) is appealing to the public for information, after receiving reports of people feeding bears in Whistler.

The service says two separate anonymous reports were received of bears being fed in the Kadenwood neighbourhood, as well as reports of bears approaching people and causing property damage.

On September 19th when officers went to inspect properties in the Kadenwood neighbourhood damaged by bears, several cubs and a sow were found nearby and unsuccessfully hazed by officers. The bears then repeatedly approached officers after hazing. The three bears were tranquilized on site for further assessment, however during tranquilization, two more yearlings appeared and approached officers to close distances despite repeated hazing attempts.

The COS believes that information received leads to the conclusion that bear feeding in the area has been taking place over a number of years, contributing to the domestication like behaviour of several bears.

Feeding wildlife is an offense under the Wildlife Act that can be detrimental for the bear and cause human/wildlife conflicts, increasing the risk to the public.

An investigation is on going, and anyone with information or who witnessed bears being fed is being asked to come forward and contact the Report All Poachers and Polluters 24/7 number at 1-877-952-7277.

The Pemberton Wildlife Association and BC Wildlife Federation are offering rewards of up to $4,000 for information that leads to a successful conviction.



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