Students at Howe Sound Secondary and Squamish Elementary Schools have managed to convince Squamish Council to ban plastic bags and straws.

This week students from the schools presented to council the reasons why a ban was needed. Mayor Karen Elliot says council was waiting to see what happened in Victoria after the city went to court to defend their decision to ban plastic bags.

The public will likely see more action taking place from communities across the Province as the court ruled in favour of the city of Victoria.

Elliot described plastic bags and straws as the “low hanging” fruit as so many businesses are already phasing out the use of the items.

At the February 19th Committee of the Whole meeting Council passed a unanimous motion to ban plastic bags and  straws by the end of 2019 in the District of Squamish. Further bans on single use plastics are on the horizon as the District looks to hire another staff member to engage the business community and look at alternative options in the coming years.


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