Squamish’s Marine Search and Rescue team says they will not be able to respond to emergencies ‘for the foreseeable future’.

According to a posting on social media the Station 4’s Titan vessel suffered a catastrophic powerhead failure. The group says the boat is headed to a repair facility to find out the extent of the damage to the engine, but will be out of commission and unable to respond to calls for service.

Station 4 Deputy Leader Scott Shaw-McLaren says the crew noticed smoke from the engine during a training exercise. He says the crew is now stood down until further notice, but that there are other resources located on Howe Sound; “the Joint Rescue Centre in Victoria is informed of our status and manages resources accordingly for response”.

Boaters in need in northern Howe Sound will now be responded to by Search and Rescue teams based in Horseshoe Bay, Gibsons and Vancouver/Richmond.

Shaw-McLaren says once they know the real story (whether its to do with a defect or warranty claim) they may host a fundraiser or accept donations to fix the vessel.


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