Firefighters in Pemberton have faced their busiest month ever.

The Pemberton Firefighters Association (PFA) says ‘sleepy little Pemberton is sleepy no more’, with 55 calls for service in May. Crews have responded to 170 calls for service so far this year, up from 126 at the same time last year – a 35% increase.

In a social media post the PFA says the volunteer members are doing their best to keep up with the increase in call volume, and that the typical busy time of year is just beginning.

The post on social media has garnered reaction from the public, with many saying the firefighters should be paid – something that the PFA agrees with. They have recommended community members voice their support with council and suggested a round the clock full time duty officer by next year (requiring four firefighters). The association also suggests two crew be members added every year until there are four firefighters on 24/7, as well as a new fire hall. Stating that the current facility has reached the end of its life cycle and that the department has outgrown its space.

According to the PFA the call volume has doubled in the last seven years and is on track to double again in the next seven years.


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