The Spearhead Huts Society has announced that the new Kees and Claire Hut reservation system is now accepting bookings.

Final construction of the backcountry hut at Russet Lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park’s Spearhead Traverse is ongoing throughout the summer and is on track to welcome the first guests on September 7th.

A statement on the Society’s website says the building’s completion represents the realization of a long held dream to create a lasting tribute for skiers who have lost their lives in the mountains. The Kees and Claire Hut accommodates up to 38 people with a fully outfitted  kitchen and large windows of the Spearhead range, with bunk rooms sleeping 4 to 8 people.

The Society is still looking for $300,000 in donations to complete the $2,000,000 project. Merchandise, naming rights and exclusive weekend stays are all part of the fundraising initiatives.

Hut fees are priced at $45 per night to the public, with discounts available for members of the Alpine Club of Canada and the British Columbia Mountaineering Club.

Two more huts are still to be built The next hut will be built at Mt. Macbeth and a 3rd hut at Mt. Macbeth. You can find more details at


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