Five former workers at a Whistler Domino’s franchise have received of over $10,000 after the B.C. Employment Standards Branch ruled the owner was under-paying staff.

Workers union Unifor says the complaint was first filed in 2017, and that when they became involved the employer voluntarily paid $8,942 to settle the complaints. The union and the workers decided the amount was not sufficient and continued with the case.

On May 3rd of this year the Employment Standards Branch ruled in favour of the workers and awarded another $1,544 in wages, totaling $10,486.

Unifor National President, Jerry Dias, says “This is the tip of the iceberg. Wage theft is often a fact of life for precarious workers,”.

The business was also fined $2,500 for breaking five sections of the B.C. Employment Standards Act that included wages, overtime, annual and statutory holiday pay.



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