You can expect a collaboration (or two) in the near future, all thanks to Dua Lipa!


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During a virtual meeting on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked about the songs that didn’t make it on her recent album, Future Nostalgia.  Apparently, there are two collaborations, one with Miley Cyrus and another with Normani, “Well, the one with Miley that we did together… we actually ended up deciding that we wanted to get into the studio and do something different.  But we actually haven’t had the chance to get back in and like work on something new, so hopefully we’ll do something, I guess once quarantine is over and we can all hang out again,” Dua explains.


Dua continues, “We’re hoping to do that, and then the one with Normani, you might hear … soon!”



Just last week, Dua revealed she hopes to work with more female producers in the future, “I just, in all honesty, don’t know very many [female producers].  And I really wish I did, because I world really take the time to sit down and hone in a sound with women.”  Dua also explained how all-male studio environments can be ‘intimidating for younger artists.’

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