If you are a reader, then you may want to check out a couple of books I’ve read this summer that I really enjoyed.

Most of the time, I read off my kindle, but my neighbour dropped off ‘All the Beautiful Lies’, by Peter Swanson, for me, and I found it was a quick read, but chock with twists and turns. I LOVE a great thriller novel.

‘All The Beautiful Lies’, is about a guy, who gets a call from his Step Mother, that his dad had died in a fall. At first it looks like an accident, but then, it starts to look wonky.  The Step Mom, is a piece of work, you won’t like her, but you will cheer on this guy to get to the bottom of it all.

Harlan Coben, is one of my favorite authors. ‘The Boy From the Woods’, did not disappoint.  A feral boy, found in the woods as a child, grows up, and even though, he has some quirks, he seems like a really good guy. He gets tangled up in trying to find a missing girl. Did she run away? Did she plot her disappearance? Or did something sinister happen to her? You’ll have to read it, to get the answers.

My favorite book so far this summer is “Walk The Wire’ by David Baldacci. Ooooooh it’s a thriller and a half. A woman’s body was found in a field, in a remote town. So why was the FBI called in? Amos Decker (a character in a lot of Baldacci’s novels) goes up to investigate, with his partner Jamison.  They encounter some super strange people, and situations, but can’t make heads or tails of this case. Until Decker, gets attacked one night, and someone he does not know comes to his rescue.  A black ops guy? Looks like it anyway.  This book will have you wanting to do nothing else that day but read, read, read.   Enjoy.

Now, I could not let you go, without telling you, that my favorite book of all time is ‘I Am Pilgrim’, by Terry Hayes.   It’s long, and has 3 subplots, but it’s juicy.  I cannot believe this is Hayes’ first crack at writing a novel. He was a screen writer before taking a shot at this book. I hope we see more work from him in the future.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, and dig in to these books, if you need a bit of a thrill in your life.

Michelle Butterly

(photo credit: Michelle Butterly)

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