It was recently revealed that one of the most popular comfort foods people are turning to through the pandemic is ice cream!

Well, if you happen to have a surplus of the delicious dessert right now, there is an easy trick to prevent freezer burn. In fact, the tip is so effective, even ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s recommends it.

Once you open a tub of ice cream, put it back in your freezer…….upside down!

Apparently, when you refreeze things, the warm air that gets in sucks out some of the moisture.  As a result, the ice cream dries out a little bit, and the moisture that’s pulled from it becomes ice crystals at the top. (The worst.) When the ice cream on top melts, it can also drip down and melt the colder stuff at the bottom too. So, storing it upside down stops that from happening.

Another suggestion: your freezer should be zero degrees, or colder.

If all else fails, just eat the entire container in one sitting. Problem solved.