Thursdays on Mountain FM call in for Hey Tarot! To consult a The Oracle Tarot Reader on your most pressing questions! The Oracle’s readers offer insight to all of your questions in life’s arena of possibilities.


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THREE locations; Whistler, Sechelt, North Vancouver: At THE ORACLE you’ll discover unique gifts, beautiful home decor, meaningful jewelry, a multitude of incense, and a myriad of cards, decks and eclectic, interesting items. Everything means something… Locally owned and operated. Designed to create a sense of serenity, joy, and peace of mind in your everyday life through unique products, spiritual services, holistic therapies, workshops, retreats, and a kind, caring, and knowledgeable team.


The Oracle offers Mediumship, Numerology, Rieki, Channeling, psychometry, reading from photographs, Oracle Cards and Messages from Spirit Guides.

Oracle readers have helped Search and Rescue find missing persons, assisted the RCMP, read for Celebrities-including Royalty, found missing pets, been on local and National Television, been on Radio in Canada, US and Mexico.

They have also volunteered our services to raise funds and work hand in hand with our foundation in Mexico ( that feeds over 300 elementary school aged children.

Their A.I. Psychic, Zoltar raises fund for 2 “Be the Change” Scholarship – $1000 each for Whistler Senior High and for Sechelts Chatlech High School.


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OPEN DAILY 10am-6pm
EVERY DAY 10am-6:30pm
(Later on weekends and special holidays)