A Night with Frank Wolf


Feb 19


Spend a night out with one of Canada’s top 10 adventurers on Tues Feb 19th at 7pm.

Explorer Frank Wolf will be speaking and showcasing his latest adventure. Frank was recently featured on CBC, has delivered 2 TEDx talks and is in the latest Mountain life edition.

Tickets are $10 and available at Valhalla Pure Outfitters in Squamish, Proceeds go towards Squamish Search and Rescue.

Talk description:

“Arctic Spring- A Tale of two Ski Traverses

In this visually stunning presentation Frank Wolf shares the experience of his recent Arctic ski traverses across Baffin Island and Bylot Island.  Through images and stories, we’re given an intimate glimpse into this rarely travelled world of rock and ice. Interweaving adventure, Inuit culture, and humour, this show will reveal some of the amazing places your skis can take you.

You’ll also have an opportunity to purchase a signed copy of Frank’s brand new book Lines on a Map. This collection of new and previously published work will take you along for a ride with Frank on twenty four of his self-propelled wilderness expeditions through North America, Asia, and Scandinavia.


Frank Wolf is a Canadian adventurer, filmmaker, writer and environmentalist. He is known for books, films, and feature magazine articles that document wilderness expeditions around the world, with a focus on the Canadian North. His expeditions include being the first to canoe across Canada in one season and cycling 2,000 km in winter on the Yukon River from Dawson to Nome.  In 2012 he was named one of Canada’s Top Ten Adventurers by Explore Magazine, and in 2015 he was named One of Canada’s Top 100 Explorers by Canadian Geographic Magazine.


Mountain Life article link: https://www.mountainlifemedia.ca/2018/12/ancient-modern-baffin-island-sea-to-frozen-sea/

Link to Book: https://rmbooks.com/book/lines-on-a-map/

Bird blog on Bylot: https://blog.arcteryx.com/methuselah-ancients-bylot/

Bird Blog on Baffin: https://blog.arcteryx.com/the-land-that-never-melts/

Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Wolf_(adventurer)

TEDx talk ‘Beyond Hedonism’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FVFjrf1OEY

TEDx talk ‘On the Line’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmSHvB35Jkg&t=57s


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