Bhakti Yoga Festival in Squamish


Feb 10 - Feb 15


Squamish Family Chiropractic , Squamish



From February 10th – 15th, 2020, Squamish hosts the Bhakti Yoga Festival. A series of unique Vedic experiences translated into open talks, hikes, storytelling, vegetarian culinary tasting and mantra sessions with the Bhakti Yoga practitioner and international speaker Madhusudana Maharaj.

The Bhakti Yoga Festival in Squamish connects the ancient philosophy, culture and spirituality of the Indian Vedas with an audience of all ages, faiths and backgrounds searching for immersive and transformative experiences. Our community got together to create Free Vedic Experiences that will speak to Squamites of all ages and stories!

February 10th – 7 pm Talk: Simple Life, Hight Thinking @ Squamish Family Chiropractic
February 11th – 4:30 pm Talk: The Ancient Art of Self-Improvement @ Quest University
February 12th – 10 am Storytelling: “Adventures in the Sacred Mountain” @ Squamish Nature Learners
February 13th – 6:30 pm Talk: Srimad Bhagavad-Gita @ Squamish Public Library
February 11th – 14th Hikes: Squamish Parikrama @ several locations




Free Event

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