Squamish Excellence – Service Spotlight


Jul 12


Squamish Adventure Centre, Squamish




Squamish Excellence – Service Spotlight

Join the Squamish Chamber of Commerce on this one-hour session to elevate your customer service. We’ve condensed our three frontline workshops – Communications, Conflict Management, and Sales & Service – into a fun, interactive one-hour session where your team will learn how to be a good H.O.S.T and create a culture of service excellence. We’ll also be launching our Squamish Excellence video, which will help your team know more about the
Squamish community, our history and heritage, and how to be a good destination ambassador.

Key takeaways:

Expand your customer service and communication skills
Learn how to be a good H.O.S.T and create a culture of service excellence
Discover more about Squamish – our history, heritage, people and environment
Take pride in our community and become a Destination Ambassador
Service Spotlight is not to be missed if you want happy customers and a happy team!





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