Visionaries’ Gathering


Jan 19


Quest University, Squamish



Inspired by local festivals and conferences, Visionaries’ Gathering, an Interactive Convergence is a full-day journey that will take you to the realms of self-rediscovery in which “home” becomes, not only the four walls and roof above, sheltering us, but an ever evolving weaving of connections, feelings, intentions, thoughts and actions. As an un-framing experience is offered to the participant, we will be reminded to be mindful of our past, present and future. Amidst the darkest days of winter, on this first full moon of the year, we will gather to bring our intentions together, from the international backgrounds that unite us in diversity, as a rainbow ring around a burning vision for balance on Earth. Walking together towards the light, we will broaden our understanding of the land that hosts us and honor the spirit of these territories. Dedicated to the Indigenous Nations of the World, this year yields its foundations on the East, encompassing the indigenous teachings of the rising sun.

This day-long experience aims to be a deep transformative bridging of the mind and the heart but also to be a platform to engage by exchanging with others. Through the different talks, workshops, ceremonies and concert, a particular emphasis will be put on interactiveness as it is a characteristic of the teaching method in many indigenous societies. Involving various speakers sharing about Indigenous Knowledge, multicultural community building, permaculture, childhood education and natural plant medicines. Participants will also take part in a contact dance improvisation workshop, a Celtic ceremony and a concert of YAIMA, a Seattle based Cascadian Elemental & Alchemical Electronic Music Duo, all along with a visionary art exhibition and a local conscious businesses fair. It has the intention of bringing people together to experience different ways of knowing in the optic of decolonizing the self and developing our capacities to create the sustainable thriving realities our world needs. All this, thanking the amazing organizing team that have taken this proposal as their own, the artists and collaborators that have put their efforts and time into the realization of this and to the Student Representative Council of Quest University for the funding.

The Visionaries’ Gathering runs from 9 am to 11 pm on January 19th. Tickets are $85 / subsidies available / First Nations by donation.




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